The Astrological Dynamics of The Universe


by Demian Allan


Watkins Mind Body Spirit, issue 48.

This article first appeared in Watkins Mind Body Spirit, issue 48.

December 2016 – February 2017
We start by closing 2016, a year which has seen more political changes and farcical dramas being played out to the public. The implication of these will be felt in 2017 on a global scale. Uranus and Pluto have done their square dance with each other but the main astrological theme for 2016 was the square aspect between Saturn and Neptune.  Going into the New Year this combination is waning in power. However, the planetary aspects are still going to make 2017 an interesting year, especially for the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. From a political point of view it is the metaphorical hangover from 2016 that will be dominating the news, picking up the broken pieces of policies and promises from Governments. The New Year starts with Mercury going direct from the 8th and the rest of the planets all moving forward in the sky. This carries on through February, apart from Jupiter on the 6th moving backwards; enjoy the peace and quiet for the start of 2017 as it will liven up by the time we get to spring.

December 2016
Two heavyweight planets oppose each other on the 22nd – 30th; Jupiter and Uranus on the axis of Libra and Aries, a powerful symbol of the individual working against other people’s views. This is an idealistic aspect that demands attention in the political arena, which the UK will feel since Libra and Aries are in the UK’s 1st and 7th houses, and open political enemies will make themselves known. On the 14th we have a Full Moon at 22 degrees in Gemini ‘a young woman lying beneath a tree, throwing food to the birds which gather round her’; artistic achievements can be excelled during this period as well as the art of forgiveness to others, a fitting Moon for the celebrations in the Western world at this time. Mercury the planet of communication goes retrograde (yes that time again) from the 19th in the sign of Capricorn, and the establishment will be taking a hit for things they have said in the past that have been incorrect.

January 2017
The New Year starts off with a whimper rather than a bang. Mercury goes direct on the 8th in Sagittarius, an interesting political start of the year for the USA to do with its identity as a collective. Mars moves through Pisces making a conjunction on the 1st with Neptune, nebulous forces at work cloud thinking with those in power. On the 12th we have a Full Moon at 22 degrees in Cancer, the degree of indolence. The scene is set in terms of the tone of the year, ‘smoke and mirrors’ is a key phrase that comes to mind. On the 13th we have a conjunction between Venus and Neptune, a delightful aspect that can bring out some of the highest artistic callings in others and spiritual insights; however in Pisces we can delude ourselves into thinking it will be all okay. The New Moon on the 28th is at 8 degrees in Aquarius ‘A lion standing in the open arena’ which is the degree of escape

February 2017
Venus and Mars join forces in the sign of Aries this month, a passionate planetary energy that brings about a focus on relationships, both romantically and with political allies. Jupiter goes retrograde from the 6th in Libra for the first time since 2004; any expansion that was promised back last year will be put on hold and the cause of many delays and religious questions. This will be especially prevalent in the UK, as the zodiac sign of Libra is the first house. The USA is still being tested by the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius in the last ten degrees. This is a difficult time for the USA in regard to how they make money and it certainly takes a long hard look at the ‘American dream’. On the 12th the Full Moon is at 22 degrees of Leo, connecting with Uranus in the sky in the degree of injury. The symbolism is clear, rash actions in the governments responses will lead to the innocent getting hurt.

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