Astro-Herbalism by the Seed SistAs

Karen & Fiona are the Seed SistAs, authors of “The Sensory Herbal Handbook” and founders of the Sensory Solutions Herbal Evolution company.

Combining medical training and years of clinical practice with a passion for plants and creativity, their teachings give people more autonomy in their health by connecting them with their local medicinal plants and the magical nature of the green world.

How do the art of astrology and the craft of Sensory Herbalism intermingle? ‘As above, so below’. Have you ever wondered about the connections between astrology and herbalism, the plants and planets, health and healing? Come and delve into the wonders of the connect between the Heavens and Our Earth with the Seed SistAs, who in this talk explore a week of herbs – 7 herbs for 7 days.

The Seed Sistas look at each individual plant’s planetary influences, their magic and medicine and, importantly, how you can integrate this knowledge and the skills of herbalism into your daily life.

Sun – Sunday – Daisy flowers
Moon – Monday – Poppy
Mars – Tuesday – Nettle leaf
Mercury – Wednesday – Fennel seed
Jupiter – Thursday – Dandelion root
Venus – Friday – Rose hips
Saturn – Saturday – Plantain

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