Ascension into the Fifth Dimension by Ted Mahr

Ted Mahr has recently published a book called “Messages from the Masters”, which great spirits asked him to write so their cosmic messages of Galactic Wisdom can help bring humanity and the planet from darkness into light.

Have you ever wondered about what the Masters of the past would have to say about what is going on today? They may not be as far removed as you may think. They are very much aware of what’s happening in the world today, and they want to share their knowledge with us from the other side.

“Messages from the Masters” contains messages from great men of history; these messages are meant as a guide book for humanity to create a beautiful, happy, and loving planet. Ted and the Great Spirits hope you will join all of them in co-creating this beautiful New Earth where war and conflict are just distant memories, and in the words of John Lennon, “all the world will live as one!”

Ted grew up in a psychic family where it was normal to talk to spirits on the other side. His foster mother was a master psychic who used to find missing and lost children for the Seattle USA area police departments, and over the years she taught him how to talk to spirits on the other side – something he now has over 24 years experience in.


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