Angels for your little angels…


Illustration by Gemma Birss

(by Alexandra Wenman)

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]aving worked with angels my entire life – and in teaching others how to connect with them through my work as a holistic writer and journalist, angel channel and Angelic Reiki Master Teacher – I have seen first-hand how their unconditional love can inspire and uplift people of all ages and walks of life, but this is particularly true for children.

As a little girl, my mother taught me about angels and showed me how to pray to them before bedtime every night, so that I would always feel safe and protected. One of my favourite ways to do this was a simple little prayer to my guardian angel:

‘Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom His love commits me here, ever this day (or night) be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.’

And it worked! Without fail, each night that I said this prayer with my mum, I was able to sleep easily. As a result, I was not really ever a child who was afraid of the dark. Of course, like most kids, there would be the occasional bad dream and the need to go and jump into bed with mum and dad, but the majority of the time, I was happy and well-balanced. My dad loves telling me to this day that I was so well behaved, I was like a dream child.

But more than that, the angels helped to bring my creativity to life, and from a very early age, I began to write little poems and rhymes. I now know that what I was most probably doing was channeling even back then, but in inspiring my creativity, calling on the angels also helped me make good friendships and do well at school. They also inspired me to be a good person and to want to be well-behaved. My focus and concentration was better and I was less likely to play up when I was feeling looked after by my angel pals. Feeling safe is a very important factor in measuring a child’s behaviour. After all, most bad behaviour is said to stem from a need for more attention or affection. Every child is unique, and the angels help to bring each child’s special gifts to life, so they can celebrate who they are and shine more brightly in order to reach their highest potential.

And this is what inspired me to write the Dear Little Angels books. I had the idea floating around in my head for quite a few years and then, suddenly, one day I just sat down and they poured out on to the page.

Love, joy, laughter, comfort, security, creativity, imagination, inspiration and magic are the key ingredients that make a child’s world go round. The Dear Little Angels series evokes all of these things, along with teaching children – and reminding their parents – about some very important life lessons. This is all done through the pure, loving, supportive and positive messages and guidance of the Archangels.

Each book focuses on one particular Archangel, how you can meet them and which specific life issue/area they can help with (i.e. Michael brings you courage when you’re scared), and includes a simple colour-based mini meditation designed to captivate the child’s imagination, and help them to connect more easily to the angelic beings.

The books are written in rhyme for a lullaby effect to give added comfort and reassurance, and to aid the child’s own reading ability as the words flow more easily in rhyme. Many children have an imaginary friend, but these books prove to little ones that their angel pals are very real. Invite the angels in and they can make your child’s – and your – life truly magical.

Here’s a simple meditation to teach your children, so they can easily connect with the Archangels in order to feel safe and protected at all times:

Ask your child to close their eyes and picture each of the colours as you read these verses aloud to them. This is a lovely exercise to do at bedtime, so your child can sleep easily, feeling surrounded and protected by the loving angels.

As we all know, it is so simple to picture a colour in your mind and, as each colour represents the angel it is associated with, by saying the angel’s name and visualising the colour, your child is able to connect more easily with the energy of that particular angel. The colours help to bring the angels into your child’s reality.

Dear Little Angels meditation:

Picture pink
and Ariel spreads her wings,
To send love to our planet
and all living things.

Picture green
And if you’re feeling sick,
Raphael comes
to heal you quick.

Picture yellow
and, in Jophiel’s style,
She’ll replace that frown
with a beautiful smile.

Picture blue
and Michael now takes flight,
To protect you with his
cloak and sword of light.

Angels watch over you
all day and all night.

So it is safe to
turn out the light.

Meet the Author:  Archangel Alchemist Alexandra Wenman is a gifted angel channel, healer, writer, editor and speaker. She is the founder of the cutting-edge new healing and empowerment system, Precious Wisdom.
Also a qualified Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Theta Healer, One Command Practitioner and Rainbow Children teacher, articles about Alexandra and her workshops have recently appeared in Kindred Spirit, Chat It’s Fate and Woman’s Weekly magazines in the UK.
Alexandra is currently the angel correspondent for Waking UP With Everyday Connection at Tune into her weekly segment ‘The Archangel Alchemist’ to learn how to bring angels into your practical everyday life, at:

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