Ancient Lovers

(by Grace Puskas)


A majestic connection,

Divine reflection.
Friends and lovers;
Comfort from just being around one another.

When their lips entwine,
The speakers sing softly in perfect time,
Music’s lullaby observing their divine kiss…
True lovers breathing life into the other’s lips. 

Their bodies intertwined,
Heart and soul and mind,
Combined, as one wave among the ocean,
One stream of consciousness in flowing motion.
Their bodies dance rhythmically with synchronicity,
Feeling a mind meld of each other’s spiritual energy.
The one consciousness of heart and love
Vibrating through individual form in harmony.

They are the light… love…
The yin and the yang of the law of confusion,
Space and time unconditional in infinite fusion.

Love is the strongest vibration,
Yet simultaneously an illusionary distortion,
Allowing for the forever singing sounds of being,
Which without separation there would be no creation.

Her light offers his soul a helping hand,

His touch allows her to feel true love from a man.
They learn the balance required to grow…
God and goddess creating a rhythmic flow. 

The karmic cycle fascinates,
How the play of their dancing eye,
Can turn the concept of dual masturbation with modern negative connotations,
Into an act of love, uniting the population.
For from the heart they inspire,
Distancing themselves from animalistic desire.
The confusion of one being split into two..
Choosing to vibrate higher and move to spirits tune. 

They are ancient lovers succumbing to the will of the source,
Raising the vibration of our planet through music in repetitive course.
Once more we’re returning to a golden age of time,
Natural forces harmonious with gods and goddesses divine.
For the fire flickers stronger,
The vibrations spin out longer,
And the light that connects these stars,
Enable the sun and moon to eternally dance.

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