Aghora At the Left Hand of God

Aghora: At the Left Hand of God is our staff pick

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Robert E. Svoboda
Aghora: At the Left Hand of God
Brotherhood of Life Books
£21,99, Available from Watkins Books

Selected by Mike from Watkins Books:

This is the incredible story of the Aghori master Vimalananda. Aghora is at the apex of Hindu tantra, the left handed path often involving extreme practices in order to hasten religious realization. There are few who dare to complete the rigorous and dangerous tantric training of Aghora – strict renunciation is the prerequisite, death is to be personified and deified – the destruction of all our limtations. Only when purity is perfected is the aspirant assigned rituals which to others might seem hedonistc, disgusting, or sinful. But Aghora is not indulgence, it is the transformation of darkness into light. An Aghori goes so deeply into the darkness, into all things unthinkable to ordinary mortals, that he comes into the light.
Vimalananda conformed to none of the usual guru stereotypes and this is an amazing glimpse into the bizarre life of the Aghoris.


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