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A Message from Source

Poet Grace Gabriella Puskas tells about her story and what happened when she embraced the unknown and focused on her passion.

Watkins MBS issue 43

Watkins Mind Body Spirit, Issue 43

This article first appeared in Watkins Mind Body Spirit, Issue 43.

Have you ever had that period in your life when you know it’s time to change the story – the plot, themes, characters, everything? This was my story until I embraced the unknown and focused on my passion. Every day at work I would get the same inner feeling of needing to leave and to create the life I really wanted. I learned a lot from my work as a sales assistant, useful information about natural herbal remedies and ‘superfoods’, but ultimately this  was a cycle that had been on repeat for longer than it should.

Following my dream, my purpose became manifest in no time – literally! The moment I made the conscious choice to leave my job and focus my time and energy into what resonated within and gave me the greatest joy, which is poetry and healing, new opportunities were attracted into my life, resulting in a completely new way of being.

The nature of time is one of the themes explored in A Message from Source and it’s a concept I am passionate about. Within every atom is virtually one hundred per cent space (essentially nothing) and everything that manifests in space is created by our own minds and perceptions. So it is we who create the future based on our thought projections and by how we direct our awareness.

When living as eternal beings, the music never stops…

We are always swimming and soulfully singing

through a current felt as infinite love.

For love is all there truly is.

We let go our old perception, based on mind’s false subjection,

of separation.

For the soul is eternal and one with the external,

so when in tune with the universal music that surrounds

we see time’s cycle disappear and everything existing as one sound.

As much as the science behind ‘creating our own reality’ is fascinating, it is the actual human experience of tuning into the magic of the infinite and our interconnectedness that inspires me. And I love expressing my experiences and insights through poetry. It takes us on a journey. The words themselves are the vibration of the experience, so tuning into the essence of the words is like re-living the magic! Even if you do not normally read poetry, just hearing the words aloud can deeply affect the consciousness. This is why I feel it is important to share my poetry, to give performances, and why I put all my energy into creating A Message from Source for the Local Legend Spiritual Writing Competition.

My writing is expressed from a state of unity consciousness, of oneness, and the words flow freely and effortlessly from either memories or feelings when I am tuned into the higher mind (the Source). My intention is for the reader to resonate with the energy of the words and so naturally feel their meanings, feel as if it is their own consciousness speaking through the words on the page. I myself have often been greatly inspired by writing of all kinds; for example opening books at random, first setting my intention, and knowing that whatever I read is a reflection of my state of consciousness with some lesson I need to learn. We do the same, energetically, with Tarot and other cards.

My writing is expressed from a state of unity consciousness, of oneness, and the words flow freely and effortlessly from either memories or feelings when I am tuned into the higher mind (the Source).

The poems describe that we are all ‘just human’, there is an aspect of nothingness to us, and our planet is inevitably evolving to a state of love and oneness – even though we may be individually in darkness for the moment. This makes us humble and helps us to see that we are all equal on this journey. Regardless of all our individual notes, it is the groove – the heartbeat – that keeps this universe in a state of being. A Message from Source offers many lyrical descriptions of us with music and sound, which I hope may bring healing and a feeling of being connected. And as ‘being nothing’ also means ‘being everything’, the book also strongly conveys that we are powerful shapers of all that surrounds us; and without us individually expanding our awareness it would not be happening collectively.

All that is manifests from the state of mind we’re in,

the external a reflection of the inner workings of the skin.

A Buddha nature yields a world free from sin,

as we powerfully produce through the energies of thought and action

a peaceful mind of unity and stillness, resulting in compassion.


Thus we affect the world around, with a gift of strong healing,

for remaining peaceful within allows for greater feeling;

a balance between body and mind, dissolution of hostility,

allowing spirit to flow freely and to heal the world’s atrocities.

Inner conflicts only brings dis-ease on a collective scale,

the individual self-interest contributing to the whole.

The peace within…

The world around us is a reflection of the state of mind we’re in.

(The Peace Within)

A Message from Source explores altered states of consciousness and a sense of remembering. It is a mystical, poetic journey through the spirit and light realms and our extra-sensory abilities, linking themes such as shamanism, religious teachers, mythological gods, and other planetary beings. We are invited to remember the deeper aspects of our own consciousness inherent in our own DNA. The book also includes several beautiful sacred geometric illustrations for meditation and healing, generously offered by my friend Aleksandra Grzebalska.

I am just human, after all.

I may be everything,

at one with every thing,

yet I am no thing.

And if these words were to disappear from this page,

or if I were to leave without a single trace,

would I be missed?

Would any of it make a difference?


As I allow these thoughts to take hold,

I can feel my essence fade away,

instantly feeling sadness, hurt and pain.

All I am is memory.


The darkness just increases as the mind is thinking,

self-doubt and depression sink in….


I put on my game face,

forcing myself to be brave,

to try and be the best I can –


saving Grace.


And even as I feel all this

I know I shall receive resistance.

I know that there are many who will carelessly dismiss this

and the people whom I love and express this for

could choose to actively ignore

everything I stand for and all I teach.


So why do I still speak?


It’s love that allows me still to know,

love that allows my light to grow,

and love allows these words still to be written

and sink in.

It’s love that helps insecurity and doubt to fade to black

while memories of the power of light and faith come flooding back.


So every time I feel there is no purpose

and feel myself becoming consumed by the dark,

I remind myself: yes – I am only human,

but a human with a heart.

(Extract from A Love of Nothing)

About the author: Although in her early twenties, Grace Puskas is a qualified Reiki Master, crystal healer and herbalist. She has travelled widely, spending time in Buddhist centres and volunteering on conservation and organic farming projects in Thailand and Malaysia. A selection of her poetry performances called How to Live in Bliss through a Magical Journey of Language is available at

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Grace Gabriella Puskas
A Message from Source: Beautiful and Inspiring Poetry of the Spirit
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