A journey through the Chakras, the Planets and the Tarot by Tori Hartman

The “Chakra Wisdom Tarot” is a new divination tool by acclaimed intuitive Tori Hartman

Throughout Tori’s work as a seeker, teacher and psychic, she has been continually asked how to apply the Chakra Wisdom system to the tarot deck. Even as a committed tarot user, the time had not been right to make that application–until now.

Taking the core ideals of the Chakra Wisdom system– intention setting, personal growth, trusting your intuition–and the seven-chakra structure and applying it to the traditional 78-card tarot system, “Chakra Wisdom Tarot” is a tremendously insightful and powerful manifesting tool.

These cards reveal your future path as well as a visionary road map to manifesting your dreams. See the Tarot through the lens of the chakras, helping you to shift outgrown ideas and beliefs; following the Fool through every card of the Major Arcana and journey with her into your calling.

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