18th Dynasty Egypt in the era of King David of Israel by Ahmed Osman

Ahmed Osman’s detailed and scholarly study of the interaction between old biblical stories and ancient Egypt is the fruit of a lifetime’s learning.

His new book, ‘The Egyptian Origins of King David and the Temple of Solomon’, looks at the beginning of the Book of Genesis’ historical narrative, as Abraham and his sister journeyed into Egypt. This he finds parallels with in the later stories of King David and the establishment of the first Temple in Jerusalem.

This is the last of his quartet of books, which finally solves mysteries that have puzzled mankind for thousands of years. His first book ‘Stranger in the Valley of the Kings’ located the biblical figure of Joseph in the Egyptian court of the 18th dynasty; his second, ‘Moses and Akhenaten’ shows how Akhenaten the rebel pharaoh turned into Moses, a truly stunning metamorphosis that brought about the birth of monotheism; his third ‘the Lost City of the Exodus’ described how, when and where ‘the Exodus’ happened.

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