10 Spiritual Lessons for a New World (by Amoda Maa Jeevan)

By Amoda Maa Jeevan (Article from Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit magazine, issue 30, May (Summer, 2012)

Amidst intensely turbulent times, so many of us today are feeling the urgent call to make changes that will create a brighter future for us all. Yet, however much we may want to save the world or fix what’s wrong, the truth remains that we can only change the world by changing ourselves. Inner transformation is the key to outer change.

Only by having the courage to walk through the darkness of fear, doubt and uncertainty towards the light of our true inner radiance can we transform our lives from suffering to joy and can we transform our world from terror to peace. The activation of this inner light is a radical shift in consciousness that awakens us to the miracle of our own power. It’s a shift from seeing through the myopic lens of ego to seeing through the unbounded clarity of an open heart.

This shift gives birth to a new way of being that is expressed through awakened action. When doing arises from our infinite nature it has a very different quality to when doing is a result of small-minded beliefs. The former is in harmony with the symphony of the cosmos, because the cosmos is infinite in nature. The latter creates dissonance and disharmony, because ego opposes the flow of life. Real positive inner and outer change can only happen when there is a congruency between our state of consciousness and the nature of Existence.

In 2002, I received a vision that revealed ten spiritual lessons that evolve us out of the old paradigm of separation into a new paradigm of unity. In practicing these lessons daily, we exercise an inner muscle that activates our capacity to become agents of change in our lives and in the world. Each lesson awakens a specific quality within us, and when all ten are put together, there is a radically new relationship to everything.

Essentially, the ten lessons are about taking responsibility for our own evolutionary growth because only an awakened being can bring light to the world and be an effective agent of change. As we stand on the brink of a monumentally pregnant moment in the history of humanity, my invitation is that you join the inner revolution that can give birth to a radically new you and a radically new world.

A brief outline of the Ten Spiritual Lessons:

Lesson 1 – Responsibility
To recognize that we are solely responsible for both our happiness and our unhappiness transforms our internal paradigm from victim-consciousness to becoming a master of our inner world. The power to make a conscious choice in how we respond to life is the foundation for the flowering of a new consciousness.

Lesson 2 – Clarity
To recognize that the world we experience is a reflection of our inner world gives birth to awareness. Awareness has the power to dissolve all story-lines of blame, shame and pain and allows us to rest in the truth of what is really here. This clarity erases inner and outer conflict and sows the seeds for true peace in the world.

Lesson 3 – Relaxation
The more deeply we relax and allow life to unfold in its depth and breadth, the more we are nourished. Taking action from a place of deep relaxation is far more powerful than acting from inner resistance. The former leads to aliveness, the joy of being and a world of creative possibilities, the latter leads to stress, disharmony and disease.

Lesson 4 – Presence
The capacity to penetrate this moment with the depth of our presence cuts through ghosts of past-fear and fantasies of future-hope. In the discovery of what remains, we are granted the power of knowing ourselves as the eternal, infinite space within which everything else comes and goes. This knowing-ness is the key to our true power.

Lesson 5 – Totality
By opening wide to welcome every experience, however painful or challenging, we say YES and become a lover of life. To meet everything with totality offers the potential for deep intimacy that lifts us out of survival-based fear into the arms of unbounded love. This is the birth of compassion, both for ourselves and for the world.

Lesson 6 – Gratitude
Digging deep to find gratitude for even those things we would rather cast out from our lives sends an arrow of love right into the heart of darkness. It’s far more powerful than denial or hate. Gratitude shines a light on the true riches of our inner nature. What we’ve been looking for outside of ourselves has been right here in our hearts all along.

Lesson 7 – Forgiveness
orgiveness isn’t about turning the other cheek and allowing abuse to continue. It’s about choosing to see through unconscious actions to the purity of essence at the core of every human being. Inherently, there is no evil: the darkness we perceive is only a reflection of where we have failed to illuminate the world with our love. Our capacity to forgive heals the wound of separation and returns us and the world to wholeness and holiness.

Lesson 8 – Nakedness
The courage to be seen, warts and all, allows authentic relationship to happen. In the willingness to be hurt, to face the fear and to experience honestly what lies beneath, we see that love is always here, whatever form it takes. A world built on authenticity is a convergence of hearts in which we herald in a radically new way of life.

Lesson 9 – Service
The new evolutionary impulse coming through humanity today demands that we make the transition from taking to giving. It’s not about doing good but it is about serving God. It’s the call to step beyond our comfort zone into our greatness so that we play our rightful role within Divine Plan. It’s about awakening to our essential love-nature and then serving the world with the fragrance of this love.

Lesson 10 – Resoluteness
The unwavering resolve to take one step at a time, whether we walk over mountain peaks or through valley lows, guarantees that our inner radiance is never extinguished. Action fuelled by the motivation to be a beacon of light unto ourselves and unto the world is the mark of a true agent of change.


About the Author: Amoda Maa Jeevan is an author and spiritual teacher. Her book “How to Find God in Everything” was rated 3rd most life-changing book of 2008. Amoda’s teaching of Radical Awakening arose out of her phoenix-like transformation of suffering, her own spiritual search, and the vision she received in 2002. Today, her work is an evolution of this vision in which she shares her passionate desire to shape a more loving world with people of all ages and backgrounds and inspires them to live an authentically awakened life. She offers talks and retreats, is a frequent guest on radio & TV, and is the founder of the non-profit organisation, the Foundation for Conscious Change, dedicated to personal and planetary awakening.

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