Watkins picks for the Summer #1

Tuesday 25th, July 2017 / 12:26
Summer picks 1

Check out our staff recommendations to give you a little inspiration for your summer reading list.

Our picks vary from an exciting book on Egyptian sorcery, to Tarot card reading, to a joyful collaboration from Douglas Abram, the Dalai Lama, and Desmond Tutu. Dive right in and try something a little different this summer!


1) Way of Qi Gong – K.S Cohen

2) The Field – Lynn McTaggart

3) A Complete Guide to the Tarot – Eden Gray


1) Book Of Joy – Douglas Abram, Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu

2) You Are Therefore I am – Satish Kumar

3) The 99 Names of God – Daniel Thomas Dyer


1) Egyptian Magic Quest for Thoth’s Book of Secret – Maarten Raven

2) Hellenistic Astrology – The Study of Fate and Fortune – Chris Brennan

3) Ancient Nubia – African Kingdoms on the Nile – Marjorie Fisher et al

Find all our selections available now at the Watkins Bookshop.


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