Spring 2017 Author Talks at Watkins

Friday 03rd, February 2017 / 12:58

All talks are free and take place at Watkins bookshop, 19 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ. You can catch up on all the recent Watkins talks by spiritual authors on our youtube channel.

Laurence Shorter  2-Mar-2017 Thu, 6.30pm, 'The Lazy Guru’s Guide to Life'
Miguel Dean       9-Mar-2017 Thu, 6.30pm, 'Stepping stones in the mist'
Steve Taylor 16-Mar-2017 Thu, 6.30pm, 'Psychology of Spiritual Awakening' 
Fiona Robertson 23-Mar-2017 Thu, 6.30pm 'Finding Yourself' April May
Anthony Peake, Dr. Michael Arnheim and Sushma Sahajpal 30-Mar-2017 Thu, 6.30pm 'Pandeism'
Theresa Cheung   13-Apr-2017 Thu, 6.30pm, 'The Bliss Of I Do'
Doug Ducan and Catherine Pawasarat   20-Apr-2017 Thu, 6.30pm, 'Living Tantra - The Dance of Transformation'

Tim Freke  4-May-2017 Thu, 6.30pm, 'Soul Story:Evolution and the Purpose of Life'
Nicos Hadjicostis  18-May-2017 Thu 6.30pm, 'Destination Earth'

MARCH 2, Thursday 6.30-7.30pm, Laurence Shorter  –The Lazy Guru’s Guide to Life41K9pqnZ0kL
the Lazy GuruLaurence Shorter, author of The Lazy Guru’s Guide to Life, will share the inspiring story of his journey to creativity and happiness. Offering practical examples and personal stories he will describe how he accesses the creative power of the universe by making space, doing less and letting go of ‘shoulds’.




MARCH 9, Thursday 6.30-7.30pm, Miguel Dean – Stepping Stones in the MistPrint
photo oneIn this talk Miguel beautifully weaves together his own inspirational story from homeless beggar to sacred activist, with that of humanity’s unfolding story at this pivotal time in our evolution. Included in the weave are the threads of gratitude and beauty, befriending the darkness, heart vision and Love in action. His message is one of hope and empowerment and audiences always leave inspired, moved and equipped with new perspectives and ways to facilitate self transformation and contribute their gifts in service of the Great Shift which is unfolding on our planet.



MARCH 16, Thursday 6.30-7.30pm, Steve Taylor – Psychology of Spiritual AwakeningUnknown
SteveTaylor 6(1)What does it mean to be spiritually awakened? What are the main aspects of spiritual awakening and how can we cultivate them? Spiritual psychologist Steve Taylor will discuss the main themes of his new book The Leap: The Psychology of Spiritual Awakening, just published as an Eckhart Tolle Edition (with a foreword by Eckhart). He will illustrate different aspects of awakening, highlighting the importance of acceptance and dissolving our psychological attachments. He will suggest that there is an evolutionary aspect to awakening, and that we have a responsibility to move towards awakening in order to safeguard the future of our planet.
Steve Taylor PhD is the author of several best-selling books on psychology and spirituality, including Waking From Sleep, The Calm Center and his new book The Leap. For the last four years he has been included in Watkins Mind, Body, Spirit magazine’s list of the ‘100 most spiritually influential living people.

MARCH 23, Thursday 6.30-7.30pm, Fiona Robertson – Finding YourselfArtofFindingYourself-MECH.indd

These images are copyright of Ursula Kelly Photography. Under the copyright act of 1988 it is a legal requirement for all images used to be credited to the author. Therefore Images online & in print must be credited to Ursula Kelly photography. www.ursulakellyphotography.com.Join Fiona Robertson, author of The Art of Finding Yourself: Live Bravely and Awaken to Your True Nature, to explore the art of deep self-inquiry. Fiona will share candidly about what happens when you have the courage to inquire into everything you’ve believed to be true about yourself, the world, and spirituality.
“…Deep spirituality can so easily become a way for people to avoid the psychological challenges of life, but The Art of Finding Yourself is a book that makes spirituality real, taking it right into our pain, where it can have its greatest effect.”
Tim Freke, author of Deep Awake

MARCH  30, Thursday 6.30-7.30, Anthony Peake, Dr. Michael Arnheim and Sushma Sahajpal – PandeismPandeism Anthology front cover
Pandeism: An Anthology presents the work of sixteen authors, new and old, examining the implications of the revolutionary evolutionary theological theory of Pandeism – the proposition that the Creator of our Universe created by becoming our Universe, and that this proposition can be demonstrated through the exercise of logic and reason. These authors present a wide range of views originating from their varied experiences, from professional theologians and religious educators to lay philosophers with PhDs in the hard sciences. Collectively, these authors have assembled the most extensive examination of Pandeism put to print in over a hundred years.





APRIL 13 , Thursday 6.30-7.30pm, Theresa Cheung – The Bliss Of I Do21 Rituals to Change your life
image1To catch a glimpse of heaven on earth you must not just think and dream but also live and breathe infinite possibility. Yes, thoughts create our reality but understanding this fundamental spiritual concept is only one half of the story. The other half is just as important but neglected because it is so obvious. The missing link here is what you DO. Your daily routines need to send out the right signals to the universe and attract good things in the same way your thoughts do. In this enlightening talk Sunday Times bestselling author, Theresa Cheung, explains how we can all catch a glimpse of heaven on earth through the magic and power of ritual.


APRIL 20, Thursday 6.30-7.30, Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat – Living Tantra, The Dance of Transformation
Through their living, vibrant teachings Doug and Catherine bring to life understandings from the ancient way of Tantra. Although often seen as esoteric and mystical Tantra involves a practical engagement with all our senses in the life we are living.
Tantra is a method where, rather than denying our wants and needs, we explore our relationship to them. In the process, we navigate a path through our struggles and difficulties, our traumas and traumata. These two meditation masters and lineage holders will show us how this dance of transformation leads us into a clearer, more compassionate, more empowered and loving state.


MAY 4, Thursday 6.30-7.30, Tim Freke – Soul Story:Evolution and the Purpose of LifeSouStory_Minijacket
Tim FrekeMainstream western culture is experiencing a ‘soul crisis’, caused but the demise of outdated religion and the growing influence of science, which has left us adrift in a cosmos that exists for no reason. Tim Freke proposes an alternative to this bleak worldview, by urging a radical shift in our understanding of both science and spirituality. Based on his book Soul Story, he’ll explore fresh ways of seeing scientific ideas such as ‘time’ and ‘evolution’, and spiritual ideas such as ‘soul’ and ‘immortality’, to articulate a new philosophy he calls ’emergent spirituality’, which offers an inspiring vision of the deep purpose of life.



MAY 18, Thursday 6.30-7.30, Nicos HadjicostisDestination EarthDestination earth
1_NH_Photo“Travel is the departure from one’s little pond. It is the bold renouncement of the petty comforts that hold us prisoner. It is a movement away from the known towards the unknown and unimaginable. Travel is expansion, widening, opening-up …”
Nicos Hadjicostis traveled continuously around the world for 6.5 years. His aim was to explore the world as if it were one huge country, a single destination. He soon realized that he was in fact on two simultaneous journeys: the outer journey of intense world exploration as well as an inner journey of transformation. Through these intertwined journeys during which he marveled at the world’s diversity, delved deep into many cultures and better understood human nature, he developed a new philosophy about travel and its relation to life. These ideas are explored in his recent book, Destination Earth – A New Philosophy of Life by a World-Traveler.

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